3 Ways to get out of your Workout Rut

3 Ways to get out of your Workout Rut – written by Kara Foote


It happens to the best of us. You get to the gym, all ready to kick some serious butt, only to find yourself falling short. You feel fatigued, and can’t finish all of your reps. You keep checking the time or become absorbed in your phone. You’re bored. You just aren’t feeling it. If you’ve been experiencing any of these, and your progress has come to a screeching halt, you may just be in a workout rut.

Being in a rut is no walk in the park. Even those who are pros at the gym will find themselves stuck every now and then. The key is to not let it defeat you or steal any of your butt-kicking glory. You need to look your rut directly in the eye and flip it the bird. Easier said than done, I know. Where do you even start? How does one start to break free of workout boredom?

1. Try something totally new.

Although it could be tempting to head directly for the treadmill upon arrival and fall back into your typical routine, try and switch things up! Do you usually just stick to cardio and free weights? Try out a brand new machine that you’ve never used before. Usually stick to the machines? Try out a group ex class! You never know what could become your new favorite workout if you don’t shop around, right?

2. Find a new playlist.

I think we’ve all been a victim of overplayed music. Changing up your workout tunes can make a huge difference in your performance and motivation. Try switching up what genre of music you listen to, and create a brand new playlist. Apps like Spotify and Pandora also have pre-made playlists/radio stations specifically for working out, and they switch them up frequently so you’re not stuck listening to the same overplayed music. Did I mention these apps are free?

3. Switch up your schedule.

This one is a toughy. As we all have busy schedules, this isn’t an option for everyone. BUT if you have the chance to experiment with what time you hit the gym, definitely do it. If you usually work out after work or in the evening, try coming in early morning at least once. I know, 6am spin sounds painful, but working out in the morning actually gives you a lot of energy and preps you for the rest of your day. If you’re a morning native, try heading to the gym later on in the day. The entire energy of a gym changes throughout the day, so Again, you never know what could be your perfect schedule unless you try something different!

Essentially, if you really want to escape the dreaded workout rut, changing things up is the key to success. Mix and match these tips and hopefully you will be back to kicking the gym’s butt in no time!

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