Construction is underway!



As many of you know by now , we are in the process of building a brand new shiny club and we are reviving the blog to keep you all up to date with the progress that we are making .

Right now if you are walking past the building you won’t be able to see anything but butcher paper covering the windows but behind closed doors the whole space is being gutted to make way for the new layout.

The Building : 85-87 Harvard street, Brookline, MA, 02445. This is a corner space in a 3 storied brick building. The new space will be two stories and boast band new fixtures without skimping on any of our current facilities. There will be wheelchair access, a childcare room, locker room, sauna , multiple exercise and group exercise rooms.


















The Company: The Mount Vernon Company founded over 25 years ago, is an award-winning real estate firm known for quality apartment homes, commercial properties and luxury vacation rentals. MVC owns all of the properties that they lease and fortunately for us they have bought ‘the building’ and are collaborating with us to make it into a fantastic space for our members.

MVC is dedicated to supporting the local communities and have actively supported organizations such as The Make a Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Youth Build Boston, as well as developing one of the most environmentally sensitive rental communities in the nation.


The Builder: Jim Lockwood founded Lockwood Construction Company in 1984 and has won awards for both residential and commercial projects from the Historical Preservation Commission. Being a member of Climate Change Action Brookline; Lockwood and LCC pay special attention to energy conservation when planning their projects with a goal to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to managing our residential and commercial energy needs.

Lockwood Construction Company also has strong ties with the Brookline Community Foundation which is a nonprofit organization that promotes a strong, engaged and inclusive community



Image result for lockwood construction

Image result for lockwood construction

Image result for lockwood constructionThe Brains: CC Maher bought Benefitness in 2008, thinking that it was high time that the club was owned and operated by a woman after being established in 1979 as a woman’s health club ‘ Fitness Unlimited’. While new to the commercial health club business CC had many previous years in the fitness industry teaching and training, as well as corporate wellness and fitness programming under her belt; including designing and building three on-site fitness centers for the fortune 500 company  ‘The TJX companies’.  Then creating and operating their wellness and fitness programs for almost two decades for the 3000 TJX employees

Knowing that the club was going to have to relocate, CC put her mind to finding the best possible location to accommodate the members, and after 2 years of negotiating to acquire the premiere space at 87-85 Harvard Street was victorious!  A mere 45 second walk from the existing club the new location couldn’t be more convenient. 

CC has a vision to build a new club boasting smarter and more functional spacial design, without compromising the intimate and unique environment that we currently provide. She is very excited to put her design experience to work creating the most user friendly and aesthetically pleasing facility possible.         


We hope you are as excited about the move as we are! For any further inquiries please email us or stop by the front desk for a chat!

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