FAQ’s about our move

Why are we moving?

Our landlord was not planning on renewing our lease as the Town of Brookline School Department plans to move into the building.  We did not want to move but have had no choice.  We are very pleased to have found a new location so incredibly close to the current club.  Change is hard for all of us.  The new club is only a one-minute walk away!

When will the move happen?

As many of you know construction projects can often bring unforeseen challenges. We anticipate moving into the new location the last week of June and opening by June 30th. While we are aiming for a seamless transition, there will probably be a period of days where (for example) classes are happening in the new space but cardio & weight machines are still in the current club.  There is also a chance we may need to close for one to two whole or half days.  We will keep you up to date on the timing of the move as the time gets closer.

What will the new club be like?

The new club will be gorgeous – Very Urban Industrial Chic!  Lots of exposed brick and stone walls, exposed beams, beautiful bathrooms, and showers.  Overall the total square footage is less than the current club but the spatial design is customized exactly to our needs. Benefitness also has expansion rights to more space in the building over the next couple years if we need it!

  • There will be 4 bathrooms and 4 showers
  • There will be a sauna 
  • The locker room will be beautiful yet significantly smaller.  Upon entering the club we will be encouraging members to utilize a custom built wall of cubbies, coat racks and shoe storage.  Reserving locker room use for those showering and changing. As always, we discourage bringing valuables into the club.
  • A very cool spin only studio.
  • Gym & Cardio areas
  • Pilates/Personal Training studio
  • The Group Exercise studio is located on the lower level and completely private. 

Will there be any parking?

No, we will lose the minimal amount of parking that we have had available on evenings and weekends.  That being said these are the easiest times to find either street parking or town lot spots.  We will have a map of the secret neighborhood, metered and town municipal spots available to help.  Allow yourself a few extra minutes to park and a brisk warm-up walk before your workout!

Will there be different equipment?

We will be keeping some of our current machines and replacing some with new pieces of equipment.  Please trust us with the deletion and selection of equipment.  It’s easy to get attached to certain machines and stuck in a bit of rut with your fitness program.  If one of your favorite machines does not make the cut, or you are interested in learning how to use one of the new machines, we will be there to show you new exercises that work the same muscle groups (and if your machine was eliminated we can guarantee to show you more effective exercises).  We will have some very effective & innovative new pieces!

Will my membership dues change?

Current members will be ‘grandfathered’ in at their current membership rate for six months. At which time dues will increase by $5

Will Benefitness still be women’s only?

Yes, at this time we plan to remain a women’s only membership health club. Please bring your grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends!  We greatly appreciate your referrals and you get a month FREE for each new member you refer.

We do plan to continue to offer some co-ed programming just as we do now.  We know many of you have an interest in getting your husbands or the guy in your life to exercise.  We know -because it’s one of the questions and conversations we hear the most!

If you have any additional questions about the new club then feel free to email us at benefitnessbrookline@gmail.com or stop by the front desk for a chat. 

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