Meet Our Fitness Director

Regina O’Brien

Deciding to become fit or advancing to new level can be intimidating. Those stepping inside the gym for the first time are the bravest people.

Teaching group exercise classes was Regina’s gateway to a career in fitness. She now has twenty years of experience as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She is certified by the AFAA, ASFA, and the NCCPT.

Regina believes fitness should be accessible to everyone and understands that while one person may be training for a triathlon, another might be struggling to get through a 15-minute mile. She helps her students become comfortable with how their bodies move through strength exercises with a supportive presence and corrective tips. By encouraging students to progress slowly she affords them the time they need to establish a lasting confidence in their bodies and abilities.

Regina exudes a sense of calm and competence in her teaching method. She leads her students through each exercise, offering modifications to individuals who alternatively require a more intense challenge or a lower impact option. Her positive reinforcement motivates her students to stay engaged throughout her classes. A great workout should reinforce that crucial connection between mind and body. Regina wants her students to walk away feeling empowered, in balance, and healthier.

Never one to settle into an easy routine, Regina hones and sculpts her body in preparation for fitness competitions. She finds harmony in setting and realizing ever-more challenging goals. Beyond free weights and deep squats you will find Regina whipping up a delicious meal in the kitchen, reveling in the warm sun on a sandy beach, or driving towards the horizon on a motorcycle.

Member Feedback

“I have been a member for 5 years and have worked with two different personal trainers over that time. Both trainers were fantastic and moved me to the next level. Unlike other clubs where trainers seem to come and go every week, both of my trainers have worked here the entire time. So I know them, feel comfortable with them, and know they care about me and my exercise program. When I found myself losing motivation and getting bored I set up an appointment for a training session – it was the best move. Learning a new routine reenergizes my desire to exercise. Plus new exercises have given me new results. So…don’t get bored – get a trainer!”

– Tammy F.

“Thank you for creating a workout to accommodate my various injuries – knees, back, and hips – incorporating my physical therapy exercises into a strength training routine, and fitting it into the 30 min I have time for in the morning. You’ve been so creative at coming up with different exercises to move me a little farther along each week. I appreciate that you really listen to me and tailor the exercises so closely to what I need. I never feel like you are trying to fit me into a generic mold of fitness or thinness, which has been really helpful since I initially felt self-conscious and depressed about my weight. And I especially appreciate how encouraging you are at every step. I was so discouraged in the beginning when the weight loss was going so slowly, and it really helped to have you be so positive every time I saw you until the weight finally started dropping off. It’s been great working with you!”

– Maria C.

Regina O'Brien
Regina O’Brien
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Instructor